Well what do you think now?  Have I qualified for the lock-up?

Truthfully, I’ve never had so much fun and personal satisfaction as I’m having now.  You talk about excitement and challenge.  Just wait until you sit down to tie a pattern and all at once you are the sole creator.  (That’s excitement.)

The best experiences in my life have centered around fishing.  Not just baiting a hook, or a boat ride, or a drive through the wilderness.  I'm talking about everything to do with   weather it's looking at a copy of last years Field & Stream waiting at the barber shop or strolling down the isles of my favorite sporting goods store.  Just look at all of the goodies. It's all a part of the  fishing experience for me.  I can't think of anything distasteful.  That is why I took up fly tying.

​To me, tying offers as many rewards as fishing itself.  Nothing is prettier than a well tied fly.  It's a work of art.  Flys like the Atlantic Salmon patterns are beyond description in their beauty.  A mounted framed fly is as enjoyable as a painting to be admired forever.

Fly tying with me is just an extension of fishing.  Something you do while filling in your time like rod building, line cleaning, leader tying, wader patching, reel cleaning, thinking, plotting, imaging and of course just plain day-dreaming.  It's all part of that image process called "fishing".

I know you're probably guessing by now "this guy is a nut case", and you are probably right. But it doesn't have to be fishing.  It can be anything you are interested in.  But I am here to tell you.  Fishing fits right up there with the best of things.  And the more you are committed, the greater your success will be.

​Let's see now.  Where's that trout?  I know he's here somewhere.  Here trout, here trout! 

Check out the Step-by-Step instruction page to learn or just get some new ideas.

Welcome to the world of "Realistic Fly Tying" by Bill Blackstone